How do you know where to go?

With BOT’s Learning Paths

When Needing Some Direction With Your Learning Efforts, Use Learning Paths.

Having engaging and relevant content is hugely important when trying to educate and train people. But what is even more important is having a structure, a plan, and a purpose for all that content. BOT’s expertise in Education and Instructional Design is at its best when building those structures. We call them Learning Paths.


It Starts With Knowing “Why?”

  • As the diagram shows, different situations have different desired outcomes.
  • So the first thing we must do is clearly define what you are trying to achieve with your learning efforts.
  • For example, when crafting a learning experience for customers, you want to make sure they can become skillful users of your product or service, and that may be best served by creating simulations or narrative usage stories.
  • On the other hand, employee training is often meant to improve performance. So not only do new skills and tools need to be explained, but a motivational component needs to be included to boost enthusiasm and adoption.

Next Comes the “What.”

  • Once we have determined the purpose of training above, it’s now time to build out the structure of the learning experience.
  • We work backwards from the desired outcome, mapping out the various skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to reach that outcome.
  • We include BRANCHING options to allow for various rates of comprehension and level of mastery. This ensures that no learner is left behind and instead is given a full opportunity to achieve.
  • Assessments and other forms of feedback are integrated along the Learning Paths to ensure that learners are always progressing to the desired outcomes.
Finally We Solve the “How.”
  • With our goals and structure in place, we lastly determine the specific elements to be used in this education effort.
  • NOTE: While we are primarily a digital learning solution, we do not operate in a silo.
  • Our number one priority is driving your learning effort in a positive direction and so we never discount a tool just because it isn’t made by us. We evaluate everything based on its ability to add value to the learning experience and improve achieving outcomes.
  • When we create Learning Paths we include all kinds of external learning opportunities including social learning, blended learning (a combination of digital and real-world learning), one-to-one instruction, and much more.
  • With Learning Paths now complete we move on to content creation and then deployment, both described in more detail elsewhere on our site.

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