Moving FORWARD to a better learning environment.


Improving the Human Experience

We are at a crossroads of human experience and endeavor. We have advanced so far so fast, and yet many are being left without the proper skills and knowledge to take part in this new human reality. These people must learn new skills and gain new understandings about the world in which they live and work. And it is the job of both education and industry to provide that training and teaching.

That is how we at BOT feel is the only way that these seismic shifts caused by technology and science will benefit all and not leave many behind. It is the core mission of BOT to offer our unique skills and experiences to those who are truly interested in the betterment of the people they serve, whether they be students, or employees, or customers.

We are committed to work tirelessly to create valuable and effective ways of teaching, training, and inspiring people to not just become better in school or work, but to also become better people, more interested and engaged in this thing called humanity.

It is an ambitious goal we seek to achieve, and it will not be easy. But it will be more possible when people like you join us and become part of a new education revolution.


We’re All Human.

Have you ever taken an online course at a school or taken some training course at work?

If so did you get the feeling that there was an actual person there who had a genuine interest in whether you really learned the material you needed to?

Probably not. And that’s because most content offered in business training or education environments has no personality.

BOT takes the complete opposite approach. We make sure our work has a real, human element to it, be it through real-time interactions, or simply using a more “real-world” way of writing and speaking as opposed to the sterile, rigid form most content takes.

Be Respectful

Business training content doesn’t have cheesy cartoons or a grade school mentality. Instead, we make sure that the audience feels like they are being respected and taken seriously, even when having fun with the content.


Educational content is always designed with an age and environment-specific focus, but that doesn’t mean that just because content is being designed for children it should assume they are less intelligent or aware than they really are.

We call this the Mr. Rogers Rule, after the legendary PBS icon, who never treated the children watching his show as anything less than equals.


Goal-Driven and Results-Focused

Clear Objectives and Metrics

Commonsense is something we love at BOT. And yet it is something that is so often missing in the world of education and training, specifically when it comes to answering the question, “What are we hoping to achieve with this training effort?”

So often this question is either not asked, or not answered correctly. BOT makes sure that the work we do for clients is driven by a complete and thorough answering of that question BEFORE we start our work.

Failing to have clear, measurable, and agreed upon objectives and metrics leads to incredibly ineffective material, and a huge waste of your time and money. And that is something we at BOT refuse to allow to happen.

Collaborative Environment

Another crucial misstep in the creation of effective e-Learning is failing to create a real, collaborative environment between all of those involved. BOT is all about avoiding this by having a clearly mapped out process for all to see, with opportunities for all involved to provide feedback, ideas, and concerns.

We call it our Check Your Ego at The Door Policy, and it is at the heart of how we make sure that voices are heard and opinions are taken, and while we do ultimately need to have some decisions made, we don’t try and impart our will on a situation, or allow anyone else do that either.

Ready To Improve Your Results?

Let’s talk about it.

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