Are you prepared for the new world?

Navigate the changing L&D landscape with our human-focused, technology-driven solutions.

Do your L&D needs fluctuate over time?

Avoid the pitfalls of staffing agencies and freelancer sites with Bot’s dedicated team of on-demand professionals.

Is that pricey LMS more trouble than its worth?

Dump the LMS headaches by using Bot’s autonomous, fully Managed Learning Platform (MLP)

We help plan, build, and manage complete learning solutions for the changing world.

From traditional digital L&D to cutting edge tools and techniques... We're with you.

Learning Strategy & Design

From software simulations to interactive, scenario-based learning, we have a diverse team of learning professionals to meet your needs.

Managed Learning Platform

Bot’s fully Managed Learning Platform takes all the work of developing, deploying, and evaluating learning off of your plate.

Emerging Technologies

We help you prepare for the rapid changes in L&D with our team of data scientists, AI engineers, and developers ready to help plan and implement.

What makes Bot better?

We’re driven to:

  • Create better learning experiences for everyone.

  • Make the experience of creating learning better for you.

Trusted by leading brands and organizations for over 15 years

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